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For the past few months, we've been developing the GZR Token and outlining our vision for the future of competitive gaming. Now that GZR has been unveiled, and the Gizer platform released on iOS/Android, we wanted to share some highlights and reviews.

Cointelegraph: Gizer ICO Analysis

“Despite being a highly lucrative industry, eSports has yet to provide people with the opportunity to monetize their skills. As Gizer notes, gaming is a rapidly growing phenomenon with many segregated players all over the world. Although these players have created local networks, they lack the infrastructure to support all the opportunities the eSports world offers. Gizer fills the void by offering a real-time digital network that links gamers, hosts and services within the eSports community. Gizer has position themselves to be a more decentralized “Linkedin” of the gaming realm.”

Hacked: Gizer ICO Analysis

“The Gizer business model proposes to take a small commission on specific transactions being executed on the network. Transactions can occur between and among hosts, services and venues, as well as consumers. The more users join and interact, the more valuable the Gizer platform becomes.

A quick look at the market size and growth trajectory of eSports clearly show that Gizer’s efforts could pay off big. In 2017 alone, the mobile sector became the fastest growing segment of the gaming industry. Today, there are more than 1 billion mobile gamers in existence, or roughly 1 in 7 people.”

NewsBTC: Gizer Announces Token to Connect and Unlock the Gaming Universe

“Gizer, a fast-growing NYC-based startup, has unveiled their token sale to accredited investors on SAFT Launch. Gizer’s GZR token will be made available to the general public on October 20. By opening the SAFT to accredited investors prior to the public token sale, Gizer will be capitalizing on the positive momentum the recent release of their mobile platform has generated, well in advance of the GZR token’s public issuance.

Gizer is a global gaming network that connects the entire gaming community — Gamers, Hosts, Services, Venues, and Businesses. Gizer creates a wide array of opportunities for these parties through tournament hosting and discovery, service and product listings, and brand sponsorships found directly on the platform. The recently launched Gizer platform is available on the App store with a few thousand active mobile gamers. A public Android release is scheduled for early October 2017, as well.”

Chipin: Gizer — The Gaming Network Set to Disrupt eSports

“Despite these golden opportunities, there is no proper solution yet in place to monetize eSports. Unlike real sports, gamers are segregated across the world which makes it incredibly hard to find a monetization structure that fits everyone…What is the solution to this problem?

For more Gizer updates, follow our Medium channel, or join the conversation on Telegram. As always — GG, and thanks for reading!

Introducing Gizer

Gizer wants to solve the problem by launching a digital platform that connects gamers, hosts and services within the eSports community.”

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